"It has always been a real pleasure to work with Emma, which is why I work with her on an ongoing basis. She is very easy to work with and produces fast and accurate results. Over the last couple of years she has been my right hand woman and has really taken the strain off, which allows me to get on with doing what I do best. I can highly recommend her to anyone considering using her services."

Jim Sneddon, Founder, Assuredata Ltd

"Emma and I have worked together on a wide range of qualitative research studies over a four year period. She provided me with support organising complex projects around the UK and internationally dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s giving me a real sense of reassurance from start to finish. 

Emma is more than happy to undertake any research related task from organising itineraries for a suite of depth interviews in Kent to arranging last minute requests to set up facilities and web streaming ... always with a smile on her face!"

Greig Burnside, Research Director, Green Light Research Ltd

"I was lucky enough to win Emma’s services in a charity auction and put her to work on all the jobs which were languishing at the bottom if my endless ‘to do’ list. Emma seamlessly and efficiently completed the list going well over and above her remit. Now I use her every few months when things threaten to spiral out of control. What can I say? Everyone needs an Emma in their life. Fully recommend."

Merrigan Twelves, Morello Life

"Although Emma and I worked together for only six weeks, she made a big difference. It was such a relief to know someone pro-active and thoughtful was helping to move things forward. Emma is professional, focussed, and committed - I'm hoping we'll have a chance to work together again in the future, but in the meantime, would very happily recommend her!”

Nikki da Costa, Managing Director, Nikki da Costa & Associates